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Massage (and other treatment options) for lower back pain



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Has lower back pain been the source of your discomfort for way too long? About 23% of people in the world struggle with lower back pain, according to research. If your pain has led you to avoid performing everyday activities, you’re one of the many who would likely benefit from massage and other treatment options for chronic lower back pain.

What causes of lower back pain may need massage or other treatment?

Lower back pain can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, but there are several potential causes. The causes that might lead someone to need a massage or similar treatments include:

  • Muscle strain — Muscle strain is a condition that occurs when the muscles have been overworked or placed under too much stress. Someone who experiences muscle strain in their lower back may have overexercised their back, overtwisted it, or lifted an object that was too heavy for their body. Muscle strain in the lower back can lead to difficulty performing activities like bending over to tie your shoe and picking up objects off the ground.

  • Herniated discHerniated discs occur when the jelly-like nucleus inside the vertebrae discs slips out through a tear. The nucleus leaks out and, in some cases, can press against a nerve in the back of the spine, causing pain, tingling and numbness. While herniated discs may not cause symptoms for everyone, they can lead to lower back pain that may need a massage or other treatment.

  • SciaticaSciatica is a condition in which the sciatic nerve that runs from your lower back through the legs becomes compressed. This nerve compression causes pain radiating from the lower back through one affected leg. It’s most often the result of a bone growth or herniated disc. Sciatica can interfere with a person’s ability to perform daily activities comfortably. However, massage and other treatments can help manage lower back pain caused by sciatica.

What can massage and other treatments do for someone with lower back pain?

Massage can be a great treatment for someone with lower back pain, but it’s not the only treatment that can help. In fact, manual soft tissue manipulation performed by physical therapists can also provide a similar array of benefits. If you’re a newcomer, the benefits of massage and manual therapy during PT include:

  • Decreased pain — For someone with lower back pain, massage and manual therapy can be helpful pain relievers. Manual manipulation of the soft tissue in the lower back can temporarily bring blood flow to the area and break up muscle tension, which can alleviate pain for short periods of time.

  • Reduced swelling — Massage and manual therapy can help address any swelling that occurs around your lower back region. Swelling is the result of inflammation and can cause significant discomfort and pain. Massaging affected areas can encourage better blood flow and reduce some of the swelling that may contribute to discomfort.

  • Reduced muscle strain — Massage can reduce the effects of muscle strain if that is the source of your lower back pain. It promotes increased blood flow around the area of the strain, which can reduce the amount of time recovery takes and improve pain levels.

  • Improved range of motion — An added benefit of massage and manual therapy is that it can improve the mobility and flexibility in your lower back. Massage breaks up areas of scar tissue, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. For these reasons, it can be especially effective at improving the range of motion in someone who has lower back pain.

At REPAIR SI, our clinicians can perform manual therapy to improve your lower back pain

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Each of our team members is committed to serving our community in a compassionate, professional manner to ensure the best possible outcomes. If lower back pain is the root of your discomfort, you can feel confident that you’re getting high-quality care for your back pain with us.

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