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Personal and Performance Training

If you’re an athlete or enjoy performing frequent physical activity, you’re probably always trying to improve your personal and sports performance. You may test your physical stamina and strength constantly to reach the best level of performance you possibly can. Maybe you time yourself during each run, or work toward beating your weightlifting PR every few weeks. However you push yourself, you’re always looking to enhance your capabilities. 

If this sounds like you, we’ve got good news for you. Our REPAIR SI clinic can help you achieve your goals through personal and performance training. We’ve got a team of experienced physical therapists and trainers who can guide you through intensive training plans so that you can reach your ultimate potential. You can find more information on the types of people this training can benefit and what to expect, detailed in the following sections.

Who Can Benefit From Personal and Performance Training

Personal and performance training can benefit virtually anyone, but several types of people are especially likely to reap the benefits:

  • College athletes — Most collegiate athletes always look for ways to improve, whether reaching personal goals or bringing the team closer to victory. College athletes need to put their best foot forward, and PT training can help them get there. Not only that, but PT training can also help students improve their performance if getting selected to play professional sports after college is their end goal.
  • Professional athletes — We can assist professional athletes in meeting their personal and performance goals. Whether you’re in the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL, we’ve got you covered. Several members of our REPAIR SI team have experience working with professional athletes as they work toward meeting their objectives.
  • Weekend warriors — What if you don’t work out for college and professional sports, but you enjoy rigorous physical activity during your time off? We love to work with those who push themselves in their personal lives and continually try to become better in everything they do, including their physical performance. If you’re a weekend warrior, we can train you to meet your personal goals.
  • Marathon and triathlon participants — Maybe you like to sign up for marathons or triathlons regularly. We see plenty of people just like you every day. If beating your personal record (or maybe your competition’s) is the goal, we can help you get there.

What to Expect From Personal and Performance Training

When you go to personal and performance training sessions, you can expect to share your personal and performance goals with your trainer. You both will review your current capabilities and where you want to be by the end of your sessions. From there, your trainer will work with you to craft a personalized training program to reach your maximum potential in and out of the clinic. 

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