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Orthopedic and Sports Chiropractic

An orthopedic and sports chiropractor differs from a general chiropractor in a few ways. While both treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions, the orthopedic and sports chiropractor focuses on healing the musculoskeletal system for those involved in sports and physical activities. Chiropractic care generally includes addressing any problems with the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints in the body that may be causing the back and neck to move out of natural alignment. Orthopedic and sports chiropractic care addresses these problems to keep the vertebral column in top condition during play. 

Problems with the neck and back can translate onto the field during sports and cause issues with sports performance, muscle weakness, pain and discomfort, and more. That’s why it’s crucial to see an orthopedic and sports chiropractor if you are experiencing problems with your neck, back, and shoulders.

Read through the sections below to learn more about who might benefit from this type of chiropractic care and what you can expect going into an orthopedic and sports chiropractic session.

Who Can Benefit From Orthopedic and Sports Chiropractic Care?

You might be surprised to learn that orthopedic and sports chiropractic care can benefit several groups of active people. It can serve anyone involved in physical activity, but here are a few specific examples of the types of people we see in our clinic for orthopedic and sports chiropractic care most often:

  • Young athletes — At our REPAIR SI clinic, we see athletes of all ages. It’s not uncommon for a younger athlete to visit with us to realign their spine and neck. Although we usually see middle school- or high school-aged athletes, if your grade schooler or even toddler is a future athletic superstar, we can treat them too!
  • Older athletes — We treat not only young athletes but older ones too. If you’re an older adult who loves to play sports, but your neck or back issue is holding you back, don’t hesitate to contact us for care. We can work with you throughout several sessions to make you feel young again.
  • Collegiate-level athletes — If you’re a collegiate-level athlete, we know the importance of performing your best. Don’t let an orthopedic injury or similar issue keep you from reaching your collegiate sports goals. Our orthopedic and sports chiropractors can fix your alignment and help you feel more comfortable and confident on the field.
  • Professional athletes — We’ve treated our share of professional athletes, too. We understand that the pressure to perform can be high in professional sports, and a back or neck problem can add to your performance anxiety. Let our chiropractors ease your anxiety and treat your musculoskeletal system for improved performance.
  • Weekend warriors — If you’re not involved in a full-time sports organization, but you’re someone who likes to engage in physical activity on the weekends, we can help you improve your performance by treating any musculoskeletal abnormalities you may have developed in the office or job site.

What to Expect During Treatment

You can expect an orthopedic and sports chiropractor to work with you to identify any musculoskeletal abnormalities you may have and develop a specific treatment plan to address your problems. Over the course of your sessions, you’ll likely experience improved posture, joint mobility, range of motion, and physical function — all of which should translate onto the field.

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