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The Basics of Manual Therapy

While there are many devices and pieces of equipment that can be utilized by a physical therapist, sometimes their hands are the most effective tools. A physical therapist will often use hands-on techniques to help alleviate pain and increase range of motion that stems from injuries or medical condition symptoms.

Manual therapy is one of the pillars of physical therapy because it allows the therapist to apply direct pressure to the affected areas. At REPAIR SI, we use a variety of manual therapy techniques to help manage your pain and increase your mobility so that you’re able to resume your normal activities.


What Is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy refers to techniques that involve the physical therapist using their hands to manipulate your joints, muscles and tissue. The goal is to help reduce the painful tension that’s trapped in the soft tissue as well as increase your joint mobility.

Manual therapy is used to treat medical conditions and soft tissue injuries that cause pain in the musculoskeletal system. It can provide many benefits to physical therapy patients, including:

  • Reduced pain.
  • Decreased inflammation.
  • Increased range of motion.
  • Improved motor control.
  • Expedited healing process.


Manual Therapy Techniques Used at REPAIR SI

REPAIR SI physical therapists are experienced in a variety of manual therapy techniques. They will determine which ones will be the most effective for your pain based on the cause, the severity and your physical abilities. 

Here are three of the most common manual therapy techniques utilized at REPAIR SI:

  • Soft tissue mobilization — The physical therapist will use massage-like motions on the injured area. This allows them to feel for scar tissue and break it up with their hands to release the painful tension.
  • Joint mobilization — When it comes to joints that have reduced mobility, it often stems from restrictions in the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. This technique involves them moving the joint around to find the restrictive soft tissue and loosen it up with their hands.
  • Strain-counterstrain — This manual therapy technique involves using gentle force to decrease painful spasms throughout the body. The therapist will push the affected area until the point of tenderness before holding it in that position for multiple seconds before releasing it. This brings the muscles back to the correct level of tension.

To maximize your results, manual therapy techniques are often paired with other physical therapy techniques.


REPAIR SI Can Help Alleviate Your Pain With Manual Therapy

By using their hands, a therapist is able to properly identify and work to alleviate the causes of your pain. By combining manual therapy with other treatment options, such as guided therapeutic exercises, you can reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. 

There are a variety of manual therapy techniques that are utilized at REPAIR SI, and we’ll ensure that your treatment plan includes the ones that will work best for your needs.

If you’re ready to alleviate your pain, then be sure to explore manual therapy at REPAIR SI. Contact our team today for more information or schedule an initial appointment.

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