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Orange County Firefighters’ Program

OCFA members only – at the current time

As a firefighter, your body is put through the ringer every shift. On the job, heavy lifting and movements of your body can be repetitive and awkward, leading to aches, pains, or even injury. Physical therapy can be beneficial in the prevention of and recovery from injuries. REPAIR SI proudly offers various physical therapy programs for our Orange County firefighters. 

Treatments Offered for Firefighters

Firefighters are three times more likely to sustain a work-related injury requiring physical therapy than other professions. To assist our Orange County firefighters in their physical therapy journey, we offer several treatments, including:

  • Full body evaluation — For your initial visit, a physical therapist will do a full body evaluation to find any problem areas you are experiencing. This evaluation can include testing your range of motion, muscle strength, and endurance; examining your posture and alignment for any issues, and checking for any muscle imbalances you may have. Once the problem area or areas are identified, your physical therapist will design a customized treatment plan to best help your particular needs. 
  • Sports recovery — This 30-minute treatment includes manual therapy and vibration gunning. The manual therapy portion of treatment includes soft tissue mobilization to help relieve muscle tension or break up scar tissue. Soft tissue mobilization can help relieve pain. Vibration gunning can help improve blood circulation, leading to enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissue. It can also help raise your muscle temperature, helping you to overcome muscle fatigue and decrease your recovery time. This can allow you to return to your normal physical activities more quickly.
  • Chiropractic adjustments + sports recovery — This 60-minute treatment is the sports recovery treatment with chiropractic adjustments. Using their hands or special instruments, a licensed chiropractor will manually manipulate your joints to help relieve pain and improve your body’s alignment. 

In addition to our primary treatments, we also have several add-on treatments, including:

  • Normatec compression — Normatec compression is a device-assisted compression therapy using patented technology using pulsing compression to imitate the body’s natural blood flow. The device allows pressure to be evenly distributed through the specific treated limb. It can help boost recovery and help with pain relief.
  • Cupping — Cupping is a physical therapy treatment dating back to 400 BC. Cups are placed on the skin to create a suction. The suction of the cups separates tissue, helping with circulation, pain, and inflammation and promoting relaxation. 
  • Kinesiology taping — Kinesiology taping is a technique using kinesiology tape to mimic a therapist’s hands. It is used to help reduce pain and swelling and align joints and tissue. 

Treatment Schedule 

Our firefighter program of treatments is available as scheduled:

  • Monday and Friday — Chiropractic adjustment, sports recovery, Normatec compression, kinesiology taping and cupping.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — Sports recovery, Normatec compression, kinesiology taping and cupping.


We accept Orange County Firefighter insurance and self-pay for sessions. As an Orange County Firefighter Union member, you will pay $10 for a 30-minute or $20 for a 60-minute session. 


At our clinic at 7146 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, California, we proudly serve Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Midway City and the surrounding areas. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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