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Spinal Adjustments (Grade 5)

Have you been told that you have a vertebra that’s slightly misaligned? To chiropractors, this is known as a subluxation, and research shows that 91% of spinal abnormalities showed some level of subluxation. Subluxations are a common source of neck and back pain, and that’s why they are the target of Grade 5 spinal adjustments.

What Are Spinal Adjustments?

You may have heard spinal adjustments referred to by many names, including chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation. All these terms are referring to a chiropractic technique where a chiropractor uses their hands to apply a controlled, fast directional thrust to a misaligned spinal joint. 

Back Pain

What Are the Different Grades of Spinal Adjustments?

There are five grades of spinal adjustments, and a Grade 5 adjustment involves the most forceful and direct movement. Grade 5 spinal adjustments are used by chiropractors. However, spinal adjustments of Grade 1 to 4 are used by other medical practitioners such as physical therapists

How Can Grade 5 Spinal Adjustments Help You?

Chiropractors can use their eyes, hands and diagnostic tests to identify and evaluate subluxations in your spine. Once they have done so, they may use a Grade 5 spinal adjustment to address your misalignments. By using this technique, chiropractors can help: 

  • Improve spinal flexibility. 
  • Reduce back and neck pain. 
  • Return your spine to its natural alignment.
  • Release nerves pinched by a misalignment.
  • Reduce the risk of future headaches, pain and other issues caused by subluxations.

REPAIR SI Offers Chiropractic Care That Includes Grade 5 Spinal Adjustments


At REPAIR SI, we offer chiropractic care that’s designed to ease the pain of spine-based issues and help improve the flexibility of your spine. To meet these goals, our chiropractic specialists create custom treatment plans that may include Grade 5 spinal adjustments and other proven techniques. 

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