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Chronic Back Pain

In the U.S. it’s estimated that around 65 million people have experienced recent back pain, with about 16 million of those reporting chronic back pain. This recurring back pain can impede a person’s daily activities and lead to decreased quality of life, especially if left untreated.

This condition can make even lying down, walking, and bending over feel painful or bothersome. People with chronic back pain can experience a variety of symptoms depending on the cause, location of the pain and how long it’s left untreated.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

You might be surprised to learn that chronic back pain could be related to any number of causes. Your lifestyle, family history and injury history can all affect your potential to develop chronic back pain. Common factors that contribute to chronic back pain include:

  • Not getting enough physical activity each day — An inactive lifestyle can cause your muscles to weaken, placing more pressure on certain parts of your back, like the spine. 
  • Being chronically overweight — Excess weight on the body can place significant strain on the back and lead to pain over time. 
  • Experiencing muscle strain — If you’ve experienced muscle strain as a result of overusing the muscles in your back, you may be at a higher risk of developing chronic back pain. This is seen most often in people who have occupations that require repetitive heavy lifting and movements, like furniture movers. 
  • Having a pinched nerve — Some people with lower back pain have a pinched nerve. This means that a muscle, ligament, or other part of the body is compressing a nerve in the spinal column and ultimately causing pain. 
  • Having a degenerative disease — Some people experience back pain as a result of a condition such as degenerative disc disease or arthritis. These conditions can make pain occur with more intensity over time as the disease progresses. 

These factors are just a few of the several causes that can lead a person to develop chronic back pain. Speaking to a physical therapist about your unique circumstances is the best way to find out what is causing yours. 

Symptoms You May Experience Along With Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is usually diagnosed by its symptoms. The same goes for determining the cause of chronic back pain. Reach out to a physical therapist for help if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain with bending or lifting.
  • Pain when sitting, standing, or lying down.
  • Having a stiff back, especially in the morning.
  • Radiating pain.
  • Pain that disappears and reappears.
  • Numbness or tingling around the back.

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of chronic back pain. Everyone’s symptoms may be unique or depend on the severity of their case.

Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

At REPAIR SI, we offer the following treatments to address chronic back pain:

  • Physical therapy.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Chiropractic care.
  • Fitness training.


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