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Orthopedic physical therapy near you: 7 top reasons you may be searching for it



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Orthopedic physical therapy is designed to treat musculoskeletal conditions. These are issues that have to do with your bones and muscle tissue. From chronic pain to joint discomfort, orthopedic physical therapy can be life changing. If you are searching for this kind of care, you may be dealing with a specific condition that could benefit from targeted care. Receiving specialized treatment for your condition can make a major impact on your recovery. While orthopedic care is specialized, it still treats a range of common issues. Understanding the breadth and depth of this approach can explain why it is valuable for so many patients.

7 common issues you can address with orthopedic physical therapy

  • Back pain Chronic back pain is a prevalent issue around the world. While back pain can have many causes, the symptoms are often similar. This sometimes leads to pain management strategies that only address the symptoms. With orthopedic physical therapy, you can get at the underlying conditions. Therapists use specific exercises and techniques to help your spine and strengthen your muscles. Engaging in this targeted strategy can lead to lasting relief from your symptoms.

  • Sports injuries — After a sports injury, it is important to heal properly. Some injuries such as ligament tears can require specialized care to facilitate proper recovery. Orthopedic physical therapy can offer a comprehensive approach to sports rehabilitation. Targeted techniques can restore functionality to the affected area and promote real healing. By developing strength and flexibility in the injured region, PT can also help prevent recurrence. This can make you more resilient when you return to your sports activities.

  • Joint pain — Pain and irritation can affect joints throughout the body. The knees, shoulders and hips are all common regions for joint pain. In fact, hip pain affects up to 40% of U.S. sports players. Causes of these symptoms include injury and overuse. When you are experiencing joint pain, you might feel less able to move around and participate in daily life. Orthopedic physical therapy can target specific joints with special hands-on techniques. These methods can mobilize the joint and relieve painful symptoms.

  • Post-surgical rehab — After surgery, rehabilitation can be crucial for regaining functionality. A major operation can keep you from traditional exercise activities for weeks. With orthopedic physical therapy, you can still get the fitness you need. PT can provide gradual exercises and other treatments throughout your post-surgical rehab plan. Restoring strength and flexibility tend to be top priorities. An effective rehab strategy can also promote faster healing. A well-tailored plan can guide you safely and effectively through the recovery process.

  • Arthritis — Arthritis is a kind of condition that affects the joints. The term covers several separate conditions with similar symptoms. The two most common varieties are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis involves cartilage degeneration, while rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition. Arthritis can lead to joint pain, stiffness and inflammation. To address arthritis, orthopedic physical therapy can incorporate techniques to improve joint function. Your physical therapist can also help reduce inflammation, which can then reduce pain. With the help of physical therapy, you can stay on top of your arthritis.

  • Muscle imbalances — Imbalances in your muscles can contribute to symptoms like pain. These imbalances can also affect movement patterns, leading to postural issues. Orthopedic physical therapy offers treatments designed to assess and correct these imbalances. These treatments often include targeted exercises and manual techniques. With these strategies, you can strengthen your muscles and keep your body balanced. This can promote recovery and help prevent future injuries.

  • Neck pain — Neck pain is a common condition that often leads to more pain spreading through the body. One common effect of neck pain is headaches. This pain can result from poor posture, muscle tension and other underlying causes. With orthopedic care, you can discover and address the root issues causing your neck pain. Targeted exercises and stretches can reduce muscle tension to provide lasting relief.

REPAIR SI can provide orthopedic physical therapy near you

Are you ready to receive quality orthopedic care? REPAIR SI is here to address your needs. Our physical therapy team is specially trained in musculoskeletal care. This means we can use proven techniques in our cutting-edge facility to give you the treatment you deserve. We offer a range of treatment methods from targeted exercises to tool-based techniques. With a holistic, performance-driven approach to wellness, we work to ensure that all our patients are healthy and satisfied.

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