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6 injuries sports physical therapy near you can treat



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Do you have a sports injury that needs treatment? Sports physical therapy can play a crucial role in your recovery. Whether you’re a full-time athlete or just someone trying to stay active, injuries can happen. Sports injuries can affect many different regions of the body. Knowing about some of the most common injuries for athletes can help with injury prevention. However, accidents can still happen. Understanding more about common injuries can help you understand how to get effective sports physical therapy near your location. From sprains to fractures, a sports injury can sideline you. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective recovery methods available. With the right therapy, you can get back to enjoying the activities you love.

Injuries to address with sports physical therapy


  • Sprains and strains — Sprains and strains are some of the most common sports injuries. One government report says that sprained ankles and knees were among the most common injuries in baseball, softball, basketball and soccer. Sprains and strains are two similar but different conditions. A sprain happens when a ligament is overstretched or torn. When a muscle or tendon is injured in this way, it is called a strain. These injuries can be treated using several physical therapy techniques. Cupping therapy is one tool-based technique that uses suction to boost blood flow. This can promote healing and alleviate pain.

  • Back injuries — Do you have a back injury? From herniating a disc to pinching a nerve, back injuries can be challenging to address. A back injury can significantly hinder your ability to participate in sports activities. Your injury can also lead to chronic back pain. Sports physical therapy is designed to address back injuries with a multidimensional approach. Treatments like PT exercises and acupuncture sessions can help manage symptoms and speed up recovery.

  • Torn ligaments — A torn ligament is a severe form of sprain. To ensure proper healing, finding effective treatment is essential. Torn ligaments are an injury type that can require specialized care. A sports physical therapy specialist can work with you to create a custom rehab program. This program can be designed to restore stability and function to the affected ligament. A full course of rehabilitative treatment can include techniques like targeted exercises and manual therapy. A ligament that is treated properly can often have a complete recovery on a relatively brief timeline. This means you can get back to your athletic lifestyle as soon as possible.

  • Knee injuries — Knee injuries can be debilitating for athletes and other active people. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are one common knee injury that can cause severe knee pain. Other common issues include meniscus tears and patellar tendinitis. After a knee injury, it is important to get the right care. Sports physical therapy can offer a comprehensive treatment plan to help you regain knee strength and flexibility. Physical therapists employ a combination of approaches to optimize your knee function and help prevent future injuries.

  • Fractures — Sports-related fractures can be daunting. When a bone is fractured or dislocated, healing can take some time. Your sports physical therapy provider can guide you through safe movements while healing. This is meant to prevent joint stiffness and muscle atrophy. After fractures heal, physical therapists can provide target treatments to restore bone strength.

  • Overuse injuries — Overuse injuries can happen to people engaged in all kinds of physical activities. People with intense manual labor jobs and athletes are among the most vulnerable. Overuse injuries can lead to conditions like tendinitis and bursitis. After an overuse injury, physical therapy can help. Sports physical therapy focuses on identifying the root causes of overuse injuries and addressing them. This can mean implementing corrective exercises and learning about proper body mechanics while recovering.

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