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Have you ever known a physical therapy clinic to provide PT services, occupational therapy and sports therapy all in one? That’s what makes us unique. Most physical therapy providers don’t stray far from PT-centered care. But at REPAIR SI, we believe that a physical therapy clinic that can provide more to its patients can create more impactful outcomes. Whether you’re a serious athlete, a shoreman or even a first responder, we’re confident that our treatment can positively impact one or more areas of your life.

If you’re unfamiliar with the differences between PT, occupational therapy and sports therapy, we’ll describe some of the distinguishing factors of each type of therapy and how effective they can be when blended.

What are the differences between physical therapy, occupational therapy and sports therapy?

Each type of therapy has a unique set of advantages to offer to patients. Take a brief moment to read through some of the characteristics of each that set them apart:

  • Physical therapy — Physical therapy is a type of therapy that is dedicated to improving a patient’s musculoskeletal condition. Whether a patient comes in for an injury, weak point, or chronic condition, physical therapy seeks to address the parts of the body that are not optimally functioning.

  • Occupational therapy — Occupational therapy, though similar to physical therapy in that it addresses the body, also addresses the mental, emotional and occupational spheres of a patient’s life throughout care.

  • Sports therapy — Sports therapy can be used to treat injuries in athletes but also to provide fitness training for those looking to improve their performance. During sports therapy, an athlete can work on their endurance, agility and muscle strength to meet desired performance goals.

Is it possible for a clinic to provide all three?

Yes, absolutely! Some clinics provide each of these services and more to their clients. Take our clinic, for example. At REPAIR SI, we offer services that integrate the best features of both physical therapy and occupational therapy to create a unique blend of care that suits the needs of our patients. We provide support to our patients’ musculoskeletal systems after injury or chronic illness. And that’s not all we do. Our team values the whole health of our patients — we focus on more than just their physical well-being. At REPAIR SI, we take into account our patients’ physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and occupational well-being.

We also provide sports and fitness services to our patients. You don’t have to be dealing with a physical ailment to come visit us. We specialize in sports training for athletes of all ages and types. Most notably, we’ve worked with professional athletes in several sports including volleyball, football and wrestling.

In addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy and sports training, our PT clinic provides chiropractic care and acupuncture. At our REPAIR SI clinic, our mission is to provide the tools our patients need to become better people in the world. Each of our services is designed to address the whole person so that we can help create a stronger, healthier community. 

Our RepairSI clinic has experienced physical therapists who can meet your occupational and sports therapy needs

Our team at RepairSI aims to provide you with a level of high-quality treatment that can’t be found anywhere else. Our range of services includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture and fitness training. Your best physical, mental and spiritual life can be attained when you visit us for your care. We emphasize whole-body treatment, which means your care isn’t limited to just one problem area. Your overall wellness is the most important to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with our community to provide you with the innovative care and quality resources that you need to address your health and wellness. 

Each of our team members is committed to serving our community in a compassionate, professional manner to ensure the best possible outcomes. Whatever your reason for visiting us may be, you can feel confident that you’re getting high-quality care.

Whatever your need for treatment may be, it’s time to consider REPAIR SI for treatment. Our PT specialists can help you get on the path toward recovery. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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