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Workers’ Compensation

Have you recently been injured in your workplace? Maybe you slipped and fell while working in the kitchen or fell from a ladder while cutting branches. Workplace injuries can happen for various reasons, and when they do, it’s essential that you get treatment for them promptly. 

According to data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers in the U.S. reported a total of nearly 2.6 million workplace injuries and illnesses in 2021. Of these cases, roughly half caused a worker to miss at least one day of work. 

If an on-the-job injury causes you to have to take significant time off, it can add financial problems on top of your physical problems. Physical therapy treatment can be utilized to help reduce the time it takes to recover from an injury and help you get back to work sooner.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Injuries We Typically Treat

At REPAIR SI, we see patients who are dealing with a variety of conditions. Common workplace injuries that can be successfully treated through physical therapy include:

  • Repetitive motion injuries — These injuries are most commonly seen in people who perform the same movements and activities daily. For example, furniture movers, office workers and restaurant dishwashers will likely experience repetitive motion injuries.
  • Injuries from falls — In our clinic, we often treat patients who have fallen at work. Some examples of workers susceptible to sustaining an injury from a fall include tree trimmers and landscapers, construction workers, and window cleaners.
  • Muscle strain injuries — Muscle strain injuries are a common workplace injury. Some examples of workers who are more likely to experience muscle strain injuries are professional movers, nurses, and freight loaders.

What to Expect During Treatment

You may be unsure what to expect from physical therapy treatment for a workers’ compensation injury. If you’ve never been injured at work before, it can be overwhelming to figure out what steps to take to get you back at work. Here’s how you can expect us to help. 

We’ll begin by working with your workers’ compensation insurance provider to ensure that as much of your PT as possible is covered. We’ll also work with your primary care doctor, claims representative, etc. to create the most effective recovery plan for you.

We’ll identify your injury during an initial treatment session, and we’ll also work to figure out what happened to cause you that injury.  

From there, we’ll develop a treatment plan that fits your unique needs. Our experienced physical therapists will devise a recovery plan that’s designed to boost your recovery and minimize the time you have to be away from work. In addition, we’ll help you learn how you can reduce the risks of a similar injury in the future.

You can expect to receive high-quality treatment from our team here at REPAIR SI. We value the long-term health of each person who walks into our clinic and that you can count on.

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