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Auto Accident Injury

A car crash can happen in an instant. Car accident injuries can make it hard to perform seemingly simple tasks, like turning your head to look at someone, walking with ease, and bending over to pick up something off the ground. Fortunately, physical therapy treatment can be used to help patients who need recovery help after a car accident. Our team of experienced physical therapists at REPAIR SI can help you identify your injury and come up with a unique plan to treat your injury so that your quality of life will improve.

The Auto Accident Injuries We Frequently Treat

Auto accidents can cause a variety of injuries. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, the list below represents the injuries that we most commonly see in patients who’ve been in car accidents:

  • Whiplash — The most common injury that we see from car accident patients is whiplash. This occurs when the head and neck are snapped forward and back too rapidly. Physical therapy treatment can help reduce pain and other uncomfortable symptoms caused by whiplash.
  • Back injuries — We frequently see people who have sustained back injuries, too. When left untreated, back injuries can cause weakness in the muscles, chronic pain, and limited mobility.
  • Knee injuries — Knee injuries from a car accident may include ACL tears, bone fractures, and meniscus tears, all of which can make using the knee feel uncomfortable and even painful.
  • Arm or leg injuries — Common arm and leg injuries resulting from an auto accident include broken bones and injuries to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints in the arms and legs.

What to Expect During Treatment for an Auto Accident Injury

Auto accidents can upheave our lives instantly. The licensed physical therapists  at REPAIR SI are committed to treating you effectively and compassionately, helping you work toward your recovery goals.

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