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Physical Therapy at REPAIR SI

If you have symptoms from an injury, medical condition or surgery that are interfering with your quality of life, it’s time to explore physical therapy as a treatment option. 

Physical therapy, often referred to as physiotherapy, is a type of health care that can help manage your pain as well as boost your body’s strength, mobility and flexibility that may be affected by an injury or medical condition.

Physical Therapy Techniques and Treatments at REPAIR SI

At REPAIR SI, we offer a wide variety of physical therapy treatments and techniques to help manage your painful symptoms and boost your overall well-being. Your therapist will determine which treatments best fit your specific needs, abilities and medical history.

We have more than two dozen treatments, techniques and modalities that serve a variety of purposes, from pain management and injury recovery to educational training and targeted exercises. 

Even though there are plenty to choose from, here are five of our common techniques, treatments and modalities used at REPAIR SI:

  • Manual therapy — If you’re experiencing chronic pain or reduced range of motion from an injury or medical condition, manual therapy will likely be one of the first options that your therapist will recommend. It involves them using their hands to manipulate the tissue and joints to reduce pain and increase mobility.
  • Postural training — Poor posture can be the root of many issues, from chronic back pain to increased risk of injury or falling. During postural training, your physical therapist can walk you through exercises and adjustments to improve your posture. After an injury, it can help retrain the muscles to perform regular movements.
  • Sports & therapeutic taping — Regardless of the sport, athletes are always at risk for sustaining an injury. But with the help of therapeutic taping, you can move along the healing process so that you can get back to the game. The goal of the tape is to alleviate pain and discomfort during movements.
  • Functional therapeutic exercise — In physical therapy, you can learn targeted exercises that will boost your strength, flexibility and mobility. The goal of therapeutic exercise is to restore your body’s function that has been impacted by an injury or medical condition so that you can resume your everyday activities.
  • Electrical stimulation therapy — If you’re experiencing chronic pain that’s stemming from your muscles, then electrical stimulation therapy might be the answer. It involves sending electrical pulses to the affected area. The pulses cause the muscles to contract and release the painful tension.

How Physical Therapy at REPAIR SI Can Help You

The goal of physical therapy is to help reduce your symptoms that stem from an injury or condition to restore, maintain and improve your body’s quality. Our experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists want to help get you on the path to recovery and better health.

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