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Lower back muscle strain: Best treatment options



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Are you struggling to keep your lower back pain under control? Is it interfering with your ability to perform several daily tasks, like tying your shoes or picking your clothes up off the floor? About 619 million people worldwide deal with some form of chronic lower back pain. It could be due to muscle strain. If muscle strain is the cause of your discomfort, you’d likely benefit from learning about the top causes and treatments.

What are some of the top causes of lower back muscle strain?

There are many reasons why someone might have developed muscle strain in their lower back. You can find some of the most common reasons below:

  • Moving heavy objects often — One of the more common causes of muscle strain in the lower back is lifting heavy objects, like large furniture or boxes. If your body isn’t strong enough to carry heavier loads, you may be at risk for injury if you lift these heavy items. You place yourself at a higher risk of injury if lifting heavy objects frequently.

  • Bending over or down often — Another common cause of muscle strain in the lower back is bending over or using your back to bend down frequently. These movements, especially when made frequently, can leave your muscles vulnerable to strains from overuse. If your occupation involves bending over to line shelves or picking up items from the floor, this can lead to strained muscles in some instances.

  • Excessive physical activity — Excessive physical activity, like overexercising to lose weight, can lead to muscle strain. If your muscles aren’t used to sudden increases in exercise or are too weak, you may be at risk for injury.

  • Acute trauma — Acute trauma, like injuries caused by falls or blows, can lead to muscle strains. These types of injuries most often occur during accidents or sports injuries

What are some of the top treatment options that work well for lower back muscle strain?

There are several treatments that someone with lower back muscle strain may benefit from. These include:

  • Physical therapy — One top treatment option for improving muscle strain is physical therapy. Physical therapy can help address muscle strain and treat it at the source. Physical therapists will ask a series of questions to determine how the strain occurred and the extent of your strain. Then, they’ll craft a personalized treatment plan incorporating exercise, stretching and manual therapy. Physical therapy is a helpful long-term option for those who need to build strength, improve mobility and reduce pain caused by their muscle strain.

  • Acupuncture and dry needling — Acupuncture and dry needling can provide several benefits to the muscles. These include reducing muscle tension, promoting blood flow, and reducing pain or discomfort. Someone with a lower back muscle strain is likely to experience each of these benefits during treatment, which can ultimately improve their recovery process.

  • Chiropractic care — Chiropractic care can also benefit someone with lower back pain because it promotes lumbar alignment. Chiropractors can improve muscle and ligament support when realigning the lower back and even reduce inflammation.

  • Sports recovery — Another treatment method for someone with lower back muscle strain caused by a sports injury is professional sports recovery. Athletes who have sustained muscle strain from their sport can get help from professionals who can specifically help them return to the field. They use various tools and techniques during the recovery process, including the Graston Technique® and strengthening exercises.

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