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What is a sports performance center?



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A sports performance center is a specialized facility. It is dedicated to helping improve athletic performance, fitness, and overall wellness for those involved in sports or physical activities. These centers are staffed by experts in the fields of exercise physiology, strength and condition, sports medicine, nutrition, and other related fields. The main focus of a sports performance center is to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts prevent injuries, achieve their performance goals and improve their overall physical well-being. 

Benefits of going to a sports performance center

If you are an athlete or very fitness-oriented person, there are a number of benefits to seeking out a sports performance center. The benefits of going to a sports performance center can include:

  • Tailored training programs — If you are looking for personalized training programs, those can be found at a sports performance center. These tailored programs will be designed to meet specific needs and goals each individual needs. These programs will be designed after you go through a comprehensive assessment. To design the best program for your needs, you will be evaluated on your physical abilities. This can also include strengths, weaknesses and sports-specific requirements.

  • Sports-specific training — While athletes have playing a sport in common, sports have different demands on the body. No matter your sport, experts can provide sport-specific training and help you excel.

  • Improved athletic performance — A sports performance center can help you improve your athletic performance. Improvements can be seen in your strength, speed, agility, endurance and power. These improvements can be achieved through specifically designed training programs, designed with your specific sport in mind.

  • State-of-the-art equipment — Sports performance centers are often equipped with state-of-the-art equipment not always readily available in regular gyms. These pieces of equipment also play an important role in evaluating your performance levels and tracking your progress. They can also allow staff to fine-tune your training programs. Examples of these pieces of equipment include motion analysis systems, force plates and high-speed cameras.

  • Injury prevention — Playing sports or other physical activities comes with the risk of injury. When you attend a sports performance center, experts can help you identify and address potential risk factors. These risk factors may include imbalances, flexibility issues and body mechanical issues. Addressing these factors can help you reduce the likelihood of incurring an injury.

  • Rehabilitation — Injuries can happen to a person of any skill level in sports. Sports performance centers often work in conjunction with physical therapy. Together, they can provide rehabilitation services to those who need them. Athletes recovering from sports injuries can benefit from specialized sport-oriented rehabilitation programs. These programs will be tailored to the specific needs the sport requires and help promote an athlete’s best healing to get back in the game.

  • Nutrition guidance — Proper nutrition is an essential building block to help you achieve your peak performance. A sports performance center will likely offer counseling and guidance for nutrition and diet. A tailored diet can help you have the best energy, recovery and overall health you need to stay in top shape.

  • Mental conditioning — Sports and physical activities can be mentally draining. Some sports performance centers may offer mental conditioning to help athletes build their mental endurance as well as their physical endurance. Strong minds can lead to strong bodies. 

How does a sports performance center differ from physical therapy?

Sports performance centers and physical therapy clinics share some similarities, they also have distinct purposes and approaches.

Sports performance centers have their main focus on helping athletes. Expert staff help athletes enhance their performance, improve their fitness and prevent injuries. Their main client base is made up of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or people looking to improve their athletic abilities or overall fitness. Sports performance centers focus on the performance enhancement of clients through strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and sport-specific training. 

Physical therapy has a multifaceted focus. It is a health care discipline that focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries, functional limitations and pain. The main goal of physical therapy is to help individuals rehabilitate injuries or medical conditions that are affecting their physical function. 

While they are two distinct disciplines, they can also be combined to work together. By combining these disciplines, you can have the best facility to help you strengthen all aspects of your body and mind to help you reach your peak performance capabilities. Reaching this peak level can help you do the physical activities you love with more ease. 

REPAIR SI is the sports performance center you’ve been looking for

REPAIR SI is the facility you’ve been looking for to help you with your sports training and physical therapy needs. Our approach marries the focuses of sports performance enhancement and physical therapy care. We are the one-stop shop to help meet your health and wellness needs. If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to boost your physical performance to peak levels, our sports performance center team is ready to help you achieve those goals. 

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