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Is it OK to go to physical therapy and a chiropractor for back pain?



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Chronic back pain is a common condition. According to one study, over 80% of the population will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. This does not even factor in other kinds of back pain. As a common condition, many people seek relief from back pain that can sometimes be debilitating. There are many kinds of treatment available. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are two of the most popular solutions. Patients who attend each can experience significant relief. Because of this, some individuals may be curious about combining treatments. Can you go to physical therapy and a chiropractor for your back pain? The answer is yes. In fact, combining chiropractor visits and physical therapy sessions can offer a well-rounded approach to back pain management. Each discipline brings unique techniques and expertise to the table. When the two work together, they can address the underlying causes of your pain and promote lasting relief. To understand how these approaches work together, it can help to know about the benefits each can offer.

How physical therapy can address back pain

  • Exercise programs — Back pain is often caused by muscle weakness or imbalance. With targeted PT exercises tailored to your needs, you can address the central causes of your back pain to get relief. Tailored PT exercise programs can be designed to focus on the muscles that strengthen your spine. These exercises can improve balance, flexibility and overall stability. By making these improvements, you can reduce tension that could be causing your back pain. Becoming stronger and more physically resistant through PT exercises can also help prevent future episodes.

  • Posture training — Posture issues are a leading cause of back conditions. Posture is something that is present throughout daily life. If you are sitting, lying down or standing, you are in a kind of posture. Maintaining good posture can offer active benefits in your daily life. When you attend physical therapy, you can receive education on proper posture. You may learn about engaging in proper body mechanics to prevent strain on the spine. This can help reduce the risk of recurring back pain.

  • McKenzie Method® The McKenzie Method is an advanced form of physical therapy designed to address spinal issues. If you are experiencing spinal pain, this approach can help deliver relief. The McKenzie Method involves a targeted diagnostic approach to help ensure that you receive the right kind of care. After assessing your pain, a physical therapist can prescribe targeted exercises included in the McKenzie Method. Common exercises include extension exercises to strengthen your spinal muscles.

How chiropractic care can address back pain

  • Spinal manipulation — Chiropractors specialize in making adjustments. Alignment problems in the spine are a leading cause of back pain. By realigning your spine, chiropractic care can work with physical therapy to reduce pain at the source. This typically involves applying controlled sudden pressure to spinal joints. Chiropractic treatments tend to be quick and effective. By alleviating the pressure on your nerves, this method can reduce pain and restore proper function.

  • Joint mobilization — Back pain is often entangled with other symptoms. Another common symptom that can go along with back pain is joint stiffness. To address stiffness and pain, joint mobilization can be an effective treatment. This form of manual therapy is often used by both physical therapy specialists and chiropractors. Joint mobilization is a popular strategy due to its major potential benefits. When you receive joint mobilization, your chiropractor will gently move your joints within their normal range of motion. This can help reduce stiffness and restore flexibility.

  • Lifestyle guidance — Chiropractors and physical therapists tend to have plenty of knowledge about wellness. When you receive chiropractic care, your chiropractor can offer education and lifestyle guidance. For example, your chiropractor might recommend an ergonomic chair to keep your spine supported at work. You can also learn about helpful dietary changes and targeted exercises that can promote long-term spinal health.

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