RSI Fitness & Performance

REPAIR Training & Performance is a next-level program designed to challenge your mind and body. We offer both group-training and individual packages suited to your health goals. We've also perfected the transition from injury to performance training.

performance therapy

Our Training Focus

Balance + Stability

Ability to maintain center of mass, resist unwanted weight shifting and hold sturdy joint positions. The more stable a joint, the more effective and efficient we move.

Speed & Quickness

Decreasing movement time between distances, greatly enhancing reaction and response time.


Maximizing movement intensity. The ability to apply maximum force very quickly. Think of it as combining force and speed.

Body Composition

Changing the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in the body, resulting in desired changes in physical appearance and overall health.


Coordination training with appropriate resistance to handle body weight, project and implement, move or resist movement of another object, or resist gravity and optimize ground reaction force.

Flexibility & Mobility

Enhances the ability of a muscle or limb to engage full range of motion. Leads to more productive and safer movement execution

Core Strength & Stability

Ability to stabilize and brace, which is the foundation of all subsequent motion. Develop support for the spinal column in order to move more efficiently, effectively and safely.

Proprioception & Coordination

Spatial awareness between yourself and objects—fine motor skills to carry out a given task. An important component to injury prevention.


Enhancing ones ability to rapidly change direction in response to a stimulus. Controlling body position to accelerate, decelerate and minimize loss of speed during movement.


Enhancing muscle growth, resulting in the associated increase of lean muscle mass, and the development of muscle tone.

Endurance & Conditioning

Improve cardiovascular function and/or metabolic function improving one’s ability to perform. Often results in improved body composition and reduces the risk of developing lifestyle related disease.

Fitness & Performance Packages

(1) 60 Minute Complimentary Session
(1) Individual 60 Minute Session: $80
(10) 60 Minute Fitness Sessions: $750
(20) 60 Minute Fitness Sessions: $1400
(30) 60 Minute Fitness Sessions: $1950

(1) 30 Minute Complimentary Session
(1) Individual 30 Minute Session: $40
(10) 30 Minute Fitness Sessions: $375
(20) 30 Minute Fitness Sessions: $700
(30) 30 Minute Fitness Sessions: $975