Repair Yoga & Meditation


  • injury prevention
  • enhanced mental focus
  • reduced anxiety
  • correct musculoskeletal imbalances
  • mind-body awareness
  • core strength & flexibility
  • proper alignment & body mechanics
yoga and meditation repair sports institute

Private Sessions

(1) 30 Minute Complimentary Session
(1) Private Session: $80
(10) Private Sessions: $750 ($75/session)
(20) Private Sessions: $1400 ($70/session)

10 Week Functional Yoga Program

10 Weeks Program = $1000

... For sports teams and other specialized groups... we come to you!

Our 10-week Functional Yoga Program is a series of classes designed to meet your team’s specific needs. Based on an evaluation of your team, we address mechanical imbalances related to your sport and overall stress levels to create a customized program that will optimize your team’s mental and physical performance. Our team of medical professionals and certified yoga instructors work side-by-side to combine functional movement with mindfulness training, resulting in the most effective program for your team.

sports yoga repair sports institute